Stitching in Wales, between the mountains and the sea  . . . . .


Current Work:

Constance Howard once asked me where I got the idea for a particular piece of work – “From my head” was my response, and what are you going to do when your head is empty of ideas? Constance enquired with a smile.

This is why we need to keep sketchbooks, notebooks, art journals or scribbles on the back of envelopes – so that our heads don’t get empty!

I think this year is the year when I am a student again, as I have done a few online courses, and I am loving the break. I have just completed two short courses and you can read about them here

Hopefully … I don’t have an empty head

Work For Sale


Pictures that I have for sale, together with sketchbooks and notebooks will be found here.

Past work is available to view in this gallery

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Is an occasional blog with a behind the scenes look in my studio and the inspiration for my artwork – with the occasional flower thrown in for good measure! 

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