Stitching in Wales, between the mountains and the sea  . . . . .

A little bit about me

I have been embroidering for over 50 years and was fortunate that during my training at Windsor and Maidenhead I was taught by some exceptional teachers. Jan Beany, Jean Littlejohn, Constance Howard to name but a few.

My work has been featured in books and on the television

I exhibited and taught in the South of England, returning to Wales 15 years ago. My focus turned to creating a garden, which was a joy and we opened the garden for the NGS for some years, as well as selling plants.

During those years – while I had a fabulous garden studio, and never stopped making art – the flow was not quite there!

doorway to garden-studio

I live in a beautiful part of Wales, “between the land and sea” 

Recently, I fell in love with the mountains all over again. Walking this stunning land has contributed to a rekindling of my passion for embroidery and mixed media and this delight is something I would like to share through the imagery in my art.

(My garden is working hard on re-wilding itself!)

I have followed Karen for over 30 years and have seen her work develop in complexity and depth over time. I am privileged to own four of her earlier pieces and love her new work which is inspired by the beautiful Welsh landscape around her home.
Anne Hasted