And, 6 months later …

We are back in lockdown. Here in Wales we are on day 14 of a “sharp firebreak” of 17 days. Yesterday, England went into lockdown for a month

If you told me 6 months ago I would spend the time sowing masks – I don’t think I would have believed you! I am not the kind of sewer who is happy making the same thing day in day out – but that is what was called for, and that is what I did. I am probably a better seam-mistress for it – but don’t ask me to alter your clothes …. trust me when I say I am not that good at “proper sewing”

I also took the time to have a really good clear out in the studio plus a re-paint and re-arrange. I am truly happy with the way it is now. Somehow the work-flow is much improved – although I still have huge capacity for it to look like a tornado has passed through after a few hours of working!

My friend Jane has recently leant me an embellishing machine (Sometimes known as needle punch or felting machine) I have never used one before and I am so excited to be giving it a go.

What can I tell you? …. I find it really easy to break a needle – fortunately the one Jane has leant me has 5 needles and you can replace the needles individually – I imagine that this is better than a machine where you have to replace the whole unit every time one needle breaks – so far, in three “goes” on the embellisher I have broken 5 needles! However, I replaced them all with some that describe themselves as “strong”. Fingers crossed that will make a difference! The possibilities seem endless. I imagine that I will use it as a way to create backgrounds for working free machine embroidery on – but who knows.

The only downside that I can see – is that having spent a month getting rid of a vast amount of “stuff” from the studio that I will never use, (for example postage size fragments of material left over from cutting out masks), I keep thinking;- I could have embellished that!

I also could not resist trying to create a little vessel – very happy with my first attempt!

Coming Up for Air

Not perhaps the best “snap” but it was a quick picture I took on my mobile phone before the private view of the Folklore and Fairytale exhibition.

My two pieces are happily hanging in the local gallery Ty Meirion. The whole exhibition looks fantastic, the 20 + artists have pulled out all the stops, the result is quite magical.

And now what? It is as if I have run out of steam, just a little bit! Many of my friends are taking part in a variety of craft and art fairs over the Christmas period. Shedman is creating some lovely wood items. I, however decided not to do any fairs this Christmas – which is kind of weird.

Nevertheless, I do need to move on with something – (other than making new curtains for the kitchen). So it is back to drawing in the sketchbooks and making plans for what I will do, and when, in 2020

PS – In case you were unsure, mine are the two coloured ones in the middle!

So, Why the new Website?

Random Sketchbook Page

There is not a straightforward or easy answer to this question!

Sadly over the last 18 months health issues have stopped me from being as active as I would like in the garden …. to put it simply;- I developed an allergic asthma to the garden (amongst other things) – not so great for a working gardener.

Around the same time, in our village a new Art Gallery opened. Small but perfectly formed and an absolute joy to visit. I was being gently coaxed back into the Art World

While I have been doing “Small Art” – bags, notebooks, brooches etc. It has been a delight over the past 6 weeks to be working on two bigger pieces “The Storyteller and “Metamorphosis” which will be in the in the fantastic mixed exhibition by a number of artists at the Ty Meirion from 22nd October 2019 – 5th January 2020. Doing this work has reminded me that this is so much part of who I am.

Testing my theme

After a gap of 10 years, it would appear that I am creating a new website, and this is my first post!

In the studio I am working on a piece called the story teller – a detail is shown below he is still very much work in progress