Stitching in Wales, between the mountains and the sea  . . . . .

Coming Up for Air

Below is not perhaps the best “snap” but it was a quick picture I took on my mobile phone before the private view of the Folklore and Fairytale exhibition.

My two pieces are happily hanging in the local gallery Ty Meirion. The whole exhibition looks fantastic, the 20 + artists have pulled out all the stops, the result is quite magical.

And now what? It is as if I have run out of steam, just a little bit! Many of my friends are taking part in a variety of craft and art fairs over the Christmas period. Shedman is creating some lovely wood items. I, however decided not to do any fairs this Christmas – which is kind of weird.

Nevertheless, I do need to move on with something – (other than making new curtains for the kitchen). So it is back to drawing in the sketchbooks and making plans for what I will do, and when, in 2020

PS – In case you were unsure, mine are the two coloured ones in the middle!

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  1. I loved the story that the gallery owner put on Facebook about the Welsh folklore surrounding your owl (and the other artists who chose to feature it). It makes your piece even more magical 🙂

    1. Thanks Michelle, Emma (The Gallery Owner) is really good at bringing the exhibitions alive and keeping the interest going. It was fascinating to see how many artists had chosen to feature an owl and use that story from “The Mabinogion”

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