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Musings from the studio

Welcome to my blog. I have had a blogging break of several years now, and I miss the record keeping of my stitching and studio life. I felt it was time to ease back into writing some posts

We are all so busy with the immediacy of social media, but sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to stay awhile, to sit and have a longer read…

a "material" made from combining fabric and paper

Measure twice – cut once

Measure twice – cut once. A good rule for the studio when you are working with fabric and paper. (or anything really). This week I have had some delightful hours cutting up the fabric paper sheets that I made in July. I was 100% certain that the measurement for the

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sketchbook cover

Busy Times in the Studio

Life has been busy in a good way over the past several months.  Currently I am working on Sketchbook covers as pictured above, plus re-doing, sorting out this website. That has certainly challenged the little grey cells. It is still very much work in progress behind the scenes! Previously I

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Self-Isolation, but very little Art

It’s strange, since setting up the new website I have dithered about the “blog” should I blog, If so – how often? Is blogging dead? The usual jumble of thoughts that can chase a monkey mind! A few days ago, I saw a comment from a garden blogging friend Victoria;-

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