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Measure twice – cut once

Measure twice – cut once. A good rule for the studio when you are working with fabric and paper. (or anything really). This week I have had some delightful hours cutting up the fabric paper sheets that I made in July. I was 100% certain that the measurement for the height of the art journals was 6 1/2 inches, after all I have been making these books for several years now. So, after cutting them all out, doing any piecing, then stitching them all to a ground fabric I had a lovely pile which made me smile. I gave one a rough measure round a journal while I contemplated the imagery for the front.

SHRIEK ….. It was too small by 1/4 of an inch.

Now I am busy creatively re-piecing, it would have been SO much easier to start again, but I was rather fond of the fabric paper I had made – and the process of making takes some time.

By and large in the studio it has been a quiet time. During the heatwave we had in the UK – I found paint dried to quickly and fabric and thread just stuck to me! The computer overheated and generally we are not really geared up for such hot weather.

The majority of my time in the last month was spent doing “office stuff” including ordering my business cards from Moo, which I am pleased with.

Business cards with photographs

The “end of the summer holidays” feeling is creeping up. My children are now in their late 30’s and early 40’s however, I still seem to work in holidays and “term time”. September is the beginning of the new (academic) year.

September is also when my own creativity moves up a notch. I have ideas for new work. The gentle summer pondering, sketchbook doodles and mental meanderings. The “what if’s” will need to morph into fabric, paper and mixed media pieces.

Currently some of my textile jewellery is on sale at Oriel Ty Meirion, Mima has organised a summer pop up sale from now until mid October 2022. If you are local – well worth a visit. Opening times are on her website.

Meanwhile, now the drowsy summer days are coming to an end – it is a new term, excuse me while I go and sharpen my crayons and name my folders!

beads for necklace made from rolled up paper
Beads made from rolled paper, combined with spacer and glass beads.

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