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In the Studio – making “Fabric paper”

I have been back in the studio making fabric paper today, which was lovely as my focus for the past several weeks has been “mending” my blog.

I have no idea what I did; but the blogging section went completely pear shaped and it has taken me a while to get it looking OK again, plus it used up quite a few little grey cells! I know, I know, with grown up sons who have stratospherically impressive computer skills I could simply have asked them – but I do like to try and work these things out for myself. Now I need to remember what I did to put it right in case I break it again.

I was so impress with Alice Sheridan’s “Time to Shine” course; that when she opened her membership site I signed up. It has been and will be a really interesting exploration with lots of food for thought.

studio table with paints and brushes plus brightly coloured and patterned papers

Although I should point out here – that even though in “Time to Shine” we learnt about things like stories and reels on instagram and even though I have an iPhone and a stand thingy I still cannot get the hang of making little videos (rolls eyes in despair)

With my focus in other areas the practical work has slipped a bit, however today I eased myself back into the studio by making “Fabric Paper” which is what I use in my work, including the covered sketchbooks and journals for sale at the Christmas Craft Fair that I do in Harlech.

layers of tissue and paper glued together to create a new paper-fabric
Layers of tissue and paper fragments on a muslin background

You may think this is very premature, but one thing that I have realised recently is that in the past I work towards “An Event” – a craft fair, a gallery show, an exhibition and so, I do not have a body of work in the studio. Twice recently I have seen requests for submissions for art work and I have had nothing to submit.

Realising this means I now have a vague goal to have a collection of work that is not necessarily for a particular event. Sometimes when the world is your oyster – in terms of what you do next the freedom can be paralysing so I will set myself some boundaries or goals and work towards those. Fingers crossed the result will be some work that I can submit to juried events, or, sell direct from this website.

(Oh my! That will involve more than a few little grey cells!)

napkins and paper layered together to create fabric-paper
Fabric-paper incorporating napkins

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  1. Beautiful work as usual. I especially like the one made from napkins. I highly encourage you to get some work built up and start selling from your site. I’ve been patiently waiting ?

    I’m looking forward to more updates!

    1. Yikes Paula, I am so sorry I really thought I had responded to this comment.
      I suppose my question would be, what are you hoping to see me selling! ?
      Thank you so much for taking tie to leave a comment – I do appreciate it very much

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