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Musings from the studio

Welcome to my blog. I have had a blogging break of several years now, and I miss the record keeping of my stitching and studio life. I felt it was time to ease back into writing some posts

We are all so busy with the immediacy of social media, but sometimes, just sometimes, it is nice to stay awhile, to sit and have a longer read…

6 small images from instagram

“Could Do Better”

A gap of 6 months does not make my “Studio Musings” very consistent (Although it is consistent in its absence!) In the New Year I was very disillusioned with social media generally, in January, if I had my way, we would have gone back to the quill pen plus coach

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Abstract painting exercise

Oh! What a week!

Actually, a very good week, although my brain may be feeling slightly frazzled. I have been spending my time doing not one but TWO courses. The first was with Alice Sheridan, it was her Time to Shine Course a “bite sized programme to re-invigorate your relationship with social media”. I found

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Social Media – eeek!

For the past 6 months, my life has been …. tricky and all my creativity has flown away. At my time of life I have learnt that it WILL come back and there are tricks I can do to ensure that I am “creative” in other areas, such as:-  gardening,

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